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Resource Hub

We offer a comprehensive resource hub to cater to secondary school settings. The Resource Hub along with our training, aims to ensure the effective implementation of ALARM across the school. All resources have been designed in partnership with Max Woods, subject-specific teachers and/or ALARM experts.

Existing members

  • Whole-school Licence

    Suited for schools looking to trial ALARM.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Subject-specific Resources updated twice every term
    • Overviews, posters, templates, lesson plans, graphics
    • Question guides, scaffolds, syllabus guides
    • Writing guides, response guides and modelled responses
    • Implementation guide, PL activities, coaching
    • Teaching standards guide and school plan guide
    • Newsletter, online feedback and support
    • and growing every month!
  • Three-year Licence

    Specifically designed for schools looking to embed ALARM across the school.
    Valid for 3 years
    • Includes everything from the Whole-school Licence
    • Subject-specific resource requests
    • Discounted price compared to yearly licence

Looking to invest in the Whole-school and Three-year Licence?

Step 1. Click on the blue 'Select' button above.

Step 2. Click on 'Sign Up' or 'Log in' and enter your details. We highly recommend that you sign up with your school's email address (not your personal one). 

Step 3. Enter your credit card details or unique coupon code to complete the transaction.


Step 4. Check your email for confirmation and instructions!


Do I get to choose when to start access?

Yes, you get to decide when to start and it is not tied to a calendar year which gives you greater flexibility.

Can I share this beyond my school or campus?

No, the licence only allows you to share amongst staff members in your immediate school ie if you are part of a college with four other campuses and they wish to access the Resource Hub, they will need to purchase their own licence. 

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