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Empowering teachers to

ask the right questions

Our mission

Teachers ask up to 400 questions a day. We're on a mission to improve student literacy by empowering teachers to choose their own strategies underpinned by the ALARM framework. Let's learn to ask the right questions at the right time, place and depth to move the learning forward.

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What is ALARM?

A Learning and Responding Matrix (ALARM), created by Max Woods 2009, is an explicit questioning framework. ALARM is beyond a strategy or technique, it is a framework that informs teaching strategies and drives learning through mapping out a clear progression of learning skills.

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Example of ALARM

The framework can be easily adapted and applied to a range of teaching strategies and resources. One common use of ALARM is through scaffolding, where each skill level is mapped out with a corresponding question to help teachers and students identify gaps and next steps in learning.  


Why use ALARM?

Teachers can explicitly guide students' understanding through content (lower-order) to concept (higher-order) level questions. This common language of metacognition equips students with a transferable skillset that can be applied across subjects and school years leading to improved HSC results.

How can we help?
We have developed three simple approaches to best support you in successfully implementing ALARM to inform teaching and improve student learning outcomes. 

Book a live workshop

ALARM Live Workshops

Live Workshops

Book a custom live workshop with Max or Frank. From an introduction to ALARM to a leadership implementation consultation, we've got it all covered. 

Explore online courses below

ALARM Online Courses

Explore self-paced learning for teachers and leaders. Learn about the ALARM framework and how to use it in your classroom or across the school.

Online Courses

Access our resource hub

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Access a comprehensive library of digital resources to use in your classroom and across your school immediately including subject-specific resources. 

Resource Hub

What teachers and leaders are saying

"I have heard about ALARM for many years and my understanding for implementation has changed. It is really about the learning and not the responding."


"This is an excellent course that has completely changed my view on Questioning...This should be a mandatory bit of learning for all new and experienced teachers."

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"ALARM goes beyond school. The skill will help students for the rest of their lives."

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Clients and partners

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